Advertise to the Diaspora

On 27th January 2018 ExpatJA will be launching their Diaspora centred magazine. The first edition is to showcase ExpatJA's services along with Jamaican centred businesses within the Diaspora community.

The magazine will be distributed to Jamaica National Money Transfer customers. ExpatJA has chosen these individuals as our target audience, as these individuals are still contributing heavily to the Jamaican economy. Not only did we want to target those of the diaspora, but we wanted to target individuals who still have strong ties with Jamaica. The reason for doing so is that we want to give back to our community along with forging a strong United Kingdom to Jamaica economic partnership.

If you have a business based in the UK or JA and believe that your business caters to those of the diaspora, I urge you to place an advertisement today. The submission deadline is 12th January 2018! Please email with your A5 portrait design. Payment accepted by BACS or online below.

ExpatJA is also working with GH & Co Marketing Solutions, to produce bespoke full page designs to businesses that require this service for the brochure.

If you are a Jamaican business looking to acquire clients from the diaspora, ExpatJA strongly recommends using our Increase Diaspora Sales service.