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JAMAICA DESIGN magazine launched in January 2018 to showcase Caribbean businesses as well as ExpatJA's services. The next edition will feature an Article from Victoria Mutual on buying property in Jamaica, interviews from socialite Donna Erica Brown and a returning resident who owns the travelling company Open Road Travelling Agency.

To be a part of this amazing edition, please email

The options are as follows:


Tell the world about your business in more than just a page. Describe your company's journey or simply inform prospective clients why your company is the number one option.

Full Page

Create a full page advert to capture our audience's attention. You do not need to have an advertisement ready, ExpatJA works with GH & Co Marketing Solutions to provide high quality designs for your advertisement.

Half a Page

Allow our readers to find your advertisement whilst reading an article. Highly effective at capturing our audiences attention and being seen.

Quarter Page

Only four spaces available at the back of the magazine. Great for advertising your businesses contact details. Short, simple and cost effective. 

If you know exactly which option you would like, please feel free to select and pay. Please note that it is cheaper for UK bank holders to make a transfer.

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