Minnifee & Co Law Firm

Minnifee & Co Law Firm is a Jamaican Law firm with offices in Kingston Jamaica and London UK.

ExpatJA has partnered with Minnifee & Co Law Firm to be able to offer you a fully rounded service.

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How they can help

Minnifee & Co is a customer service orientated Law Firm. They promise to always get back to you, no news is still news. Minnifee & Co is a trustworthy and ethical Law Firm, this is why ExpatJA has chosen to partner with them. We want to maintain our high customer service standards.

Minnifee & Co can help with, but is not limited to:


  • Conveyancing [buying/selling]

  • Probate [when someone dies]

  • Real Estate [any property issues]

  • Lost Titles

  • Employment Law

any many more

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4 North Avenue, Kingston 4

99 High Street, Thornton Heath

876 791 1182

0208 138 1990

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