Professional Liaison

Do you know what time it is in Jamaica right now? Have you heard from the Professional who promised to get back to you today? Is your phone bill over £100 due to all your calls to Jamaica? 

The general feedback and from ExpatJA's own experience, is that Jamaican professionals do not give us the customer service we have become accustomed to in "foreign". Not only is this very frustrating, but it is very expensive! We need answers! Any feedback will do, so we spend hundreds calling the professionals we believe should offer feedback and not be chased.

ExpatJA has a solution for your frustration and your pockets. 

ExpatJA will liaise with Professionals on your behalf. No more frustration and chasing for feedback. ExpatJA will send you weekly reports that are easily comprehensible. ExpatJA will make sense of your Attorney's requests and proof read all legal documentation.


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