Taxpayer Registration Number

So you've decided to move to Jamaica! That's great! Congratulations! It's great if you're moving for work, because in theory you do not have to worry about your Work Permit, National Insurance number (yes we have those in Jamaica) or your Tax Registration Number. However, for those of you who will be employed by a company that is not doing your paperwork for you or those of you moving to Jamaica for entirely different reasons, you will need to worry about the a fore mentioned items.

What is your Tax Registration Number (otherwise affectionately known as a TRN to the locals) you may ask? Only the most important piece of paper encased in plastic for you as a Jamaican expat! To be fair, you need this even if you are not planning on living in Jamaica. You need this if you are buying property, opening a bank account or opening a business in Jamaica to name a few. In fact, if you are opening a business in Jamaica you will need one for you as an individual and one for your business. Importantly, you cannot get a Jamaican driving licence without one!!! Your TRN now replaces the Jamaican driving licence number.

A TRN is a nine digit number specific to you and/or your business. It is like the National Insurance number in the UK and Social Security number in America. If you are not a Jamaican national you will need to apply for a TRN to be allocated to you, or if you are Jamaican national who left Jamaica prior to being allocated one. This is actually important for Jamaicans in Jamaica, as you cannot collect money from any money transfer outlets anymore without your TRN. This issue was brought to my attention a couple of years ago when assisting my father with Jamaica National Money Transfer. Therefore check that your relative, friend or significant other has applied for their TRN.

ExpatJA recently released a guide on how to obtain your TRN without you physically being in Jamaica. This is actually really great for individuals who usually go to Jamaica just to try and get official documents sorted and those who wouldn't even know where to begin. For those who go to Jamaica just for official documents, claim back your free time!!!

ExpatJA was created specifically for those who don't want to waste their time on Jamaican bureaucracy and want a trustworthy, ethical service provider. As quoted from Marie Berbick the PRGirl herself, ExpatJA is a "professional" service provider.

Step 1: Download the TRN application form. This can be completed online and printed. If you need assistance filling in the form, feel free to contact ExpatJA for a FREE consultation and we will guide you through it. We will call you back.

Step 2: Find a Notary Public to notarise your Passport.

Step 3: Prepare a signed letter stating what address you would like your TRN sent to.

Step 4: Send all documents to:

Taxpayer Registration Centre (TRC) Shop # 26-27 8-10 Ocean Boulevard Kingston Mall Kingston

Jamaica W.I.

Alternatively ExpatJA can do the whole process for you, including receiving your TRN in advance by email for those of you that need it quickly. Contact ExpatJA today!!!

Written by @Cubaicana

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